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Yet again, it was the behaviour of a minority of fans before and after the match that showed the ugly and shameful side of the historic encounter.

Tensions surrounding the two teams had largely been left to simmer on social media forums during the enforced absence of the fixture which brings out one of the fiercest, some might say ugliest, rivalries in European football.

If I don’t look for the silver lining…what is the purpose to the bad things that happen?! The truth is…I don’t know exactly why I’m still single. But something changed along the way and that’s not my experience anymore.

The stage has been set to finally find Ciri with all the main quests in Velen, Novigrad, and Skellige completed.

The Sunday Herald witnessed a series of aggressive incidents, including a female Rangers fan in her twenties who assaulting a male Celtic supporter walking alone past a crowd of supporters of the Ibrox club after she had managed to get past the police.

Police officers patrolling London Road opposite Celtic's stadium stopped the woman, whose Rangers scarf fell to the ground during the incident, and warned her about her behaviour, but allowed her to walk on towards the match without arrest.

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Head into the fortress itself and follow the mini map to find Yennefer upstairs. Pull out your potestaquisitor by selecting (R1) and head to the left. Go back upstairs to talk to Yennefer to complete this small quest.Rangers had been relegated to the bottom tier of the Scottish Professional Football League but, after the four-year banishment, were back.And when Glasgow got its first taste of the infamous league derby yesterday, issues that have given rise to anti-sectarian legislation were arguably as prevalent as they were when the exile of Rangers from football's summit began. I will hand them their share of the blame, but I’ll take my share, too. “You just need more makeup, a thigh gap, more self love! “You just need more faith,” the Christian world says judgmentally. Just not in the cards for me.) I want with every single fiber of my being to be one of those self-assured, confident, bold women of God who knows exactly who she is in Christ and walks in the freedom of knowing how loved she is, how precious she is, how validated she is. And that’s not to say we should walk around like Eeyore all the time, feeling sorry for ourselves and playing the victim of our lives. But neither should we walk around like Tigger all the time…springing when we feel like sighing. Not dodging it or covering it up or glossing over it to make it look prettier and more pleasing so you can prop it up in the corner and not have to deal with it. And in doing that, my friends, I feel I have done you a disservice. It’s recently been called to my attention that I use positivity as a defense mechanism. That my humanity and my imperfections were a turnoff to him. I can’t blame all of my self doubts on men, though. That’s a refusal to take responsibility for my own life and choices and attitudes and self image, and I won’t do that. “You’re too ugly.” “You’re too fat.” “You have a gap in your teeth.” “You look old.” “You’ve done too many bad things in your life and you don’t deserve to ever find love.” “God has forgotten you.” “It’s so easy for everyone else and so difficult for you.” “You’re meant to wander the earth alone forever.” “You will always be on the outside, looking in.” And on and on and on, like a broken record. (But I don’t and doubt I will ever have a thigh gap. Part of being the heroine of your own life is accepting the bad with the good.

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