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As a player, Valentine was a great talent, the kind of kid who plays shortstop on any team he finds himself on because he's just plain more athletic and more skilled than his peers.(He would play every position in the major leagues except pitcher.) He was a baseball star in high school, but also a football star (recruited by USC) and a sprinter.The Phillies entered their seven-game road trip as winners of six straight games, seven in their last eight and eight of their last 10 dating to April 15.The Phillies were in a similar situation a year ago.Bobby Valentine, the Rangers manager, shook his head and said privately and without pretense, "He will never be better than this.

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Valentine had seen something about him -- he never said what it was -- because he sees what others don't.For three years, I sat next to him on the set of "Baseball Tonight," and in meeting rooms with 15 games on TV, and I can tell you that no one knows the game better than Bobby V.​Bobby Valentine has had a pretty good run in the game of baseball, all things considered.None of those bright moments came when he was the manager of the Red Sox, however.Valentine's time in Boston was absolutely brutal for every single person involved. The hatred was so palpable that even years later, former Red Sox players are​ taking to Twitter to take shots at their former manager.

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